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Onderdonk House, Manhasset
Onderdonk House, Manhasset
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Title Name Contact Information
President Dr. Natalie A. Naylor Natalie.A.Naylor"at"
Vice President Edward J. Smits
Recording Secretary Janet Bergholtz
Corresponding Secretary
Assistant Corresponding Secretary

Barbara Haynes

Madalyn Klein

P.O. Box 207
Garden City, NY 11530-0207
Treasurer Lawrence T. Jones
Class of 2018 Janet Bergholtz
David R. Doucette
Thomas Murtha
Dr. Natalie A. Naylor
Richard Winsche
Class of 2019 Hon. Robert Bogel
Denward W. Collins, Jr.
Barbara C. Haynes
John Kasius
Class of 2020 Stephanie Bird
Denward W. Collins, III
James G. Marsh
Edward J. Smits
Robbins Valentine
Class of 2021 William Florio
Joyce Gorycki
Lawrence T. Jones
Madalyn Klein
Edward Schacter
Class of 2022 Richard Althaus
Hon. Scott Fairgrieve
James M. McKenna
Betsey Murphy
Past Presidents James S. Cooley
J. Carl Schmuck
Theodore M. Ripson
Dr. Courtney R. Hall
Harry J. Hedger
William J. Pettit
Preston R. Bassett
George H. Hauser
Henry Learmonth
Arthur L. Hodges
Nicholas A. Meyer
Dr. Myron H. Luke
C. H. Tunnicliffe Jones
Rev. Canon John W. Davis
Virginia L. Calkins
Samuel U. Mitchell
Lawrence T. Jones
Denward W. Collins, Jr.
Webmaster Denward W. Collins, III webmaster"at"

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